Barry Lake R.I.P.

One of our larger-than-life members (for over 10 years) passed away September 2, 2014. Born in 1932, Barry spent the next 82 years filling every moment of his life. His career as an engineer in the military was coupled with being an enthusiastic Boy Scout, surfer, lifesaver, bushman, sailor, parachutist, marathon runner, bike-rider and motor-homer. After retirement from the military he set up Lake’s Leathercraft, which started off as a kitchen table industry.

His community activities were also notable. He established the Narooma YHA, gave 20 years to the Bush Fire Brigade and Rescue, was chairman of the steering committee for Moruya TAFE, first patron of M.A.C.S. and a Rotarian. Both within and beyond the community he was known for his skill in writing and performing bush poetry and yarns, at one time winning the National Competition for Yarn Spinning at the Canberra Folk Festival.

Barry’s contribution to the EuroFAW will be very much missed.

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