Kemla, life, ya, fantasy, novel, cassandra webbWhat would you do if you’re dream of publishing a fantasy novel came true? Donate your proceeds to special needs kids – or at least that’s what Cassandra Webb is doing during this years Byron Bay Writers Festival and at events in Ballina.

Special Needs Children will be the recipients of release sales from Cassandra Webb’s young adult fantasy novel Life. Cassandra Webb is a children’s and young adult author. Her first children’s book, Adorable Alice, released in 2014. Cassandra was inspired by the many hours of reading picture books to her three children. She spent six months working on the concept for Adorable Alice and waited twelve months for New Frontier to pick up the idea. It took another twelve months for the hardcover edition to hit the shelves.

“It’s been a roller coaster ride, but I’ve loved every minute of it,” Cassandra said. Recently Adorable Alice was released in soft cover for $14.99. Cassandra would like to invite you to purchase your copy from your local bookshop – they all stock it – or online at http://www.newfrontier.com.au/books/adorable-alice/900.html

And this author isn’t going to stop there. New Frontier has contracted her for another children’s book, as well Sparkle Publications taking on a third title. She also has a three book young adult paranormal deal with Driven Press and the first in her young adult fantasy series A Magical Saga is due to launch this year.

“The first title in my A Magical Saga series is called Life. It’s about a teenager in a medieval type fantasy world who finds herself in a lot of trouble. The kind of trouble that has her questioning her morals and pushing her limits to survive. There’s a bit of magic, her best friend is a horse, and there’s a cute guy who keeps saving her life.”

Life will release at the end of July 2015, in time for the Byron Bay Writers Festival and all money made by the author during the release will go towards the purchasing of art supplies at a Special School.

The book, Life, is set in a world where Magic is outlawed, but slave trading is a legitimate profession, which causes some problems for Kemla when she’s captured by slave traders and accused of possessing magic. This series is highly recommended for all the Tamora Pierce fans out there. With a strong female protagonist, who manages to get herself into a lot of trouble, and a cute male slave trader who keeps making sure she can’t escape.

“The book has strong themes of freedom,” says the author. “Story telling is a type of freedom, and so is making art. A way of setting your imagination free and I want to encourage every child to experience that freedom.”

To preorder your copy go to: www.sparklepublications.com.au or the ‘purchase’ tab at www.cassadnrawebb.com Just for the last week of July, 2015, readers can grab a free digital copy from smashwords, to get a taste for the story before snapping up the paperback. Just enter the code: QQ65C

We hope you love it, enough to then head over to www.sparklepublications.com.au and purchase a copy – if you haven’t already done so. All preordered copies will be signed by the author and delivered at the beginning of the launch, with the author’s proceeds going directly to special needs children.

The author is also looking forward to organizing a launch party in Ballina, which everyone is invited to.

“Chasing your dreams isn’t always easy, but I encourage everyone to keep at it. It’s worth the effort,” says Cassandra, who has her sights set on releasing many more books in the future.

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