You’re invited to a book-ish afternoon tea.

A bookish afternoon tea, there will be cake.

Anchors Aweigh Bed and Breakfast (5 Tilba St Narooma) will be hosting an exclusive pre-launch-launch for the young adult fantasy novel ‘life’ by Cassandra Webb. The official launch will happen at the Byron Bay Writers Festival in August, but as a Narooma local the author is putting on a special event, that everyone is invited to attend.

Hosted at the Anchors Aweigh Bed and Breakfast from 1pm to 4pm on Sunday the 28th of June. People can order exclusive advanced copies online, or purchase on the day. All proceeds from the event will be donated to children with special needs. So not only do locals get to pick up a fantastic book, but they’re lending a hand to those in need too.

“I’ve been working on this book for several years, and I want it to find its way into reader’s hands; I want it to be loved. Paying the love forward by donating the proceeds to special needs children just feels right,” said author Cassandra Webb.

Pre-orders can be found on her website at:

RSVP’s can be made to or 0488 235 555, but the organizers say the event is open to all readers, even the spontaneous, last minute type.

‘Life’ is the first in a young adult saga about a teen named Kemla who finds herself in various depths of magical and guy trouble and has to use her wit to keep herself safe. Which doesn’t always turn out well. The book has been available to read online for several years, but is now polished and printed through Sparkle Publications.

Here’s a taste of the first chapter:

My life is hiding, hunting and being hunted.

I try to ignore the new cramp in my foot as a group of men wander past. This is completely inconsiderate of them; they have no idea how long I’ve been waiting here – not for men, but for something to shoot. They should seek death elsewhere.

With swords drawn and darting gazes, the men move as if they’re about to be attacked. I’m in no danger from them, except perhaps of starvation if they keep scaring the wildlife away.

They stumble downstream, unaware that my loaded arrow is aimed at them. Not that I’m planning on shooting anyone, but they are food for something, and I don’t want to be next. They continue around the corner, but I just wait.

Pain strikes my ears and the sound forces my body flat to the ground. Armoured Dragons.

For more, come along to the party. A limited number of Cassandra’s children’s books will also be available. Pick up a signed copy for yourself, or to send off as a gift, and there will be cake.

Book Launch pic, cassandra webb

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