Night group workshops

The night group’s last workshop, 9th November with Gillian Polack was ‘World Building’. Gillian has PhD’s in Creative Writing and Medieval History and has published books on various genres. We were encouraged to really interrogate ourselves as writers of novels. Examples included: understand the genre, the date and place it is set in, know who the audience is and question the relevance/trustworthiness of sources, including the writer’s own assumptions/prejudices.

Our night group planned workshops for 2016 are: ‘Synopsis’ (February),  ‘Rocking the Edits’ (April) and the final one later in the year run by Chris Andrews from Spec Fiction Writers in Canberra.


November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. The idea is to put aside perfection, and turn off your inner editor, and simply engage in the act of writing. Aiming to do as big a chunk of writing as is manageable for you. Something magical happens when we let the words flow without censorship and though we may never share them, we might also discover a masterpiece. The night group is conducting our second annual NaNoWriMo challenge, a group writing task. Last year we wrote a chapter each of an old brother’s Grimm fairy tale – in our own unique styles and voices, ‘The Wolf and the Goatlings.’ By the end of the month we had a book and it is available on Amazon for anyone interested. This year we are each playing the role of a creature in an alien zoo. It’s a ton of fun, perhaps you might consider what your groups can get out of NaNoWriMo.

Cas Webb, Publicity

Rae Luckie Memoir Writing Workshop November 18, 2015

Our last day workshop for this year was  Memoir Writing, presented by the talented Rae Luckie. Rae is a well-known writer and former University lecturer, who has been conducting workshops for many years.It was an interactive workshop covering many ideas, ways of exploring the senses, not just the regular five, but also Proprioceptive, Vestibular and Kinesthetic. These will send you running to the dictionary! We also explored writing from a different point of view eg, a non-human object. So many things we can add to out writing toolkit!

Eurobodalla FAW hosts State Conference Nov 7, 2015

A few carloads of Committee members, plus some husbands, made the journey to the Eurobodalla for this year’s conference. There were plenty of smiles and fond greetings, especially between those who had met before. Unfortunately the weather did not smile on us; I suppose it was too much to expect after perfect conditions for the Granitetown Music Festival the weekend before!

Not put off by this, we had a very productive meeting with our branch members appreciating the opportunity to hear about recent initiatives, ask questions, share ideas and, most importantly, lunch!

After lunch most of us tripped over to the annual Eurobodalla ReVive Art Exhibition, which showcases the imaginative and beautiful transformation of recycled materials. The variety of entries was quite astonishing and we were all keen to submit a Peoples’ Choice vote.

Later, some of the delegates took advantage of being chauffeured round the area, with the beaches being the most popular destination.

Drinks and dinner at the Moruya Golf Club rounded off the day, but not before a Poetry Slam, a spur-of-the-moment requirement of the Committee members who kept praising a certain cake from lunch and were asked to construct a poem about it, with one stipulation that it had to rhyme. One of our members had declared earlier in the day that it’s not a poem if it doesn’t rhyme! This resulted in an uproar which we wisely decided to divert to the evening’s entertainment. It was wonderful to see the committee members get into the spirit of this and the results were hilarious – a fitting end to the day.

Rosie Toth, President Eurobodalla FAW

Eurobodalla Mayor’s Writing Competition

The Eurobodalla Mayors Writing Competition awards were announced and given out on 21st October. This year 330 entries were received from school age children residing within the shire. There is no topic and primary students may write up to 500 words with secondary students up to 1000. Mavis Hayes and Louise Falcioni, two of our members are judges and the branch donates trophies, as encouragement awards. Mavis and her late husband Syd along with the late Mayor, Fergus Thomson instigated this competition. A handmade wooden pen, from local banksia timber, made by craftsman Richard Turley was once again donated. Mavis awards this to a senior student, as an achievement award. Lindsay Brown, the presiding Mayor had started a poetry competition 2014 and this continues next year. So you can see that the Eurobodalla’s young writers are well catered for.