Happy New Year/2016 Program

Happy New Year to all our current and new members. Let’s hope the creative muse touches us all this year. I’m sure that in the program below, we’all find plenty to stimulate our writing.

Program 2016

Please note – An additional workshop will be included – dates and details to be advised. ‘On-the-spot short burst writing’ will be included monthly.

3.2.16              Drabble – The photograph/fear

1000 words – Free choice or A thief. (A character has a distinctive scar).

17.2.16           Drabble – Banana/sing

1000 words – She sits in the dirt or You at age 5. (Use smell and a character shivers).

2.3.16              Drabble – Swim/grow

1000 words – The last waltz or Just another day. (A character has a distinctive mannerism, use at least one colour).

16.3.16           AGM

Drabble – Rose/snoopy

1000 words – You are always on my mind or Left for dead. (Use an antagonist, a protagonist and an interesting person).

6.4.16             Drabble – Eat/radio

1000 words – The wedding or The funeral. (Give the story an unexpected twist).

20.4.16           Workshop – details to be advised

4.5.16             Drabble – Skip/ashamed

1000 words – The note or A death. (A character experiences pain).

18.5.16           Drabble – Tree/sting

1000 words – Write a story about romance or The great outdoors. (A character gets a fright)

1.6.15              Drabble – Float/small

1000 words – Free choice or I witnessed a car crash. (A shadow is significant)

15.6.16           Drabble – Carpet/insulting

1000 words – Somewhere in the city or Up, up and away (A siren or an alarm sounds)

6.7.16              Drabble – Parking/paralysed

1000 words – If I could turn back time or The clock ticks. (Water features in your story)

20.7.16           Drabble – Shoes/slap

1000 words – Surviving a flood or The war we lost (Touch is significant)

3.8.16              Drabble – Party/horizontal

1000 words – Your new partner comes to dinner or The train trip (At least one character is a child use dialogue)

17.8.16           Drabble – Daughter/adjure

1000 words – For once in my life or Waiting at the bus stop (The temperature is significant)

7.9.16              Workshop – details to be advised

21.9.16           Drabble – Football/empty

1000 words – Lost in a crowd or I need coffee (A character loses something)

5.10.16           Drabble – Writing/blissful

1000 words – My stage performance or Wake me up when it’s all over. (A distinctive sound is significant).

19.10.16         Drabble – Scream/brown

1000 words – Yesterday or The lights went out (A homeless person is significant).

2.11.16           Workshop – details to be advised

16.11.16         Drabble – Rush/bed

1000 words – Out for a walk or In the garden (Blood is significant)

7.12.16           Drabble – Monkey/sneeze

1000 words – The candle burnt out or We could have had it all (A wallet is significant)

21.12.16         Drabble – Light/frivolous

1000 words – My clothing mishap or Tell me a story (A hand written note is significant)