Debbie Richardson is one of 3 Eurobodalla authors among 14 from across the globe who have joined forces to help raise funds and awareness for Plan Australia by producing an anthology of short stories.

Plan Australia is a non-profit organisation which runs projects that work to improve health, education and child rights in Africa and Asia.

Released on January 14, the book, called Like a Girl, boasts 17 short stories and poems all containing the theme ‘girls learning and kicking butt’.

Debbie’s science fiction story, ‘Slipstream’, is about women standing up and being counted where before they weren’t considered capable.

Congratulations to Stafford Ray on the announcement that publishing company, Woodslane, are picking up his second novel after the previous publisher went bust. Stafford is also busy fine-tuning a Literacy program he’s been working on for years, it having been noticed by some top academics in the field.

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