Batemans Bay Writers Festival – Local Authors

Session 13: Local Authors Let Loose On Literature

Sunday 11th September 2016  9.15 am to 10.15 am

Clyde Room, Coachhouse Marina Resort, 49 Beach Road Batemans Bay

The Eurobodalla Shire is rich with writing talent. Join five authors as they talk about, and read from, their latest works with Eurobodalla Fellowship of Australian Writers President, Rosie Toth.

Rhonda Casey began life in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, but has been a resident of the South Coast for over thirty years. Her first manuscript, Hessian, traces the life stories of two women as they travel the turbulent years at the turn of the Twentieth Century. Seemingly worlds apart, they are irrevocably connected. What is joy for one brings only fear to the other. From war torn Greece to the outback of New South Wales, their journey of discovery is a heartfelt story of hope and new beginnings.

Timothy S Collins has been a writer for more than 40 years, though only a select few have ever read his works, as his career has always been focused on technical writing. He has always had a desire to write a fictional novel but ‘life got in the way’. Tim is now a semi-retired consulting engineer. With time enough to revisit some of his non-published earlier works, Tim is now concentrating on developing fictional novels.

Stafford Ray’s concern for the environment and social issues has always driven his writing — from poetry, plays to fiction. His first novel, Cull, reads as a page turner but beneath this a deeper tension is revealed. His latest novel, Australian Gulag – A Love Story, deals with the issues surrounding offshore detention and the personal tragedies of those caught up in the system.

Debbie Richardson is a bestselling writer of speculative fiction for Young Adults. The book trailer for her young adult paranormal romance novel, Little Red Gem, was featured on USA Today website. She is a member of the Eurobodalla Writers Group and she regularly conducts writers’ workshops.

Cassandra Webb is a chocaholic from Narooma who writes children’s and young adult fiction, fantasy and picture books. Cassandra’s picture book, Take Ted Instead, has recently been accepted at Bologna Children’s Bookfair and she is looking at contracts in Vietnam, USA, China, Poland and others. But she also has several YA fantasy novels out this year, as well as another picture book The Bigger Digger.


Thursday, 30th June 2016 the presentation of awards for this competition was held from 10.30 am at the Shire Council Chambers.

We had 145 entries this year, which was down on 2015, but all competitions vary from year to year.

The competition is open for children residing in the Shire, aged from 6 – 18 years. Nearly all the schools in the shire participated.

The competition is not set school work. There is no topic, no spelling or grammar restrictions are in place. We want the children to write, and not be daunted by trying to spell.

This year the senior, ‘high school entries’ were judged on a criterion that looked at grammar, spelling, plot, etc.

The stories were varied; they caught the judge’s attention, and entertained. Choosing winners was just as difficult as previous years. Many children enter each year and it is a pleasure to see their writing skills developing.

Judges were Olga Mary Savage, Mavis Hayes, Councillor Danielle Brice and Louise Falcioni. Unfortunately Helen Kay and Yvonne Thomson were unable to attend. Our president Rosie Toth was delayed, but Mavis happily stood in.

Mayor Lindsay Brown, said that he enjoyed presenting prizes at this function, as children’s writing is very dear to him. The children certainly were relaxed and happily posed for photos. As usual a delicious morning tea was served. Children, family, and friends chatted happily.

Eurobodalla Writers supplied gifts vouchers of $25 from Moruya Book shop, as Encouragement Awards for each age group. We also presented a Perpetual Shield. EWG Member, Mavis Hayes presented the Syd Hayes Creative Writing Award. This was a handmade wooden pen, crafted and donated by Richard Turley. The wood came from Meringo .

Louise Falcioni

Eurobodalla Writers Group 30th June 2016