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Everyone is welcome at our meetings. You can attend your first two meetings as a guest.

Contact us:

Snail Mail:      PO Box 374, Moruya, NSW 2537

Telephone:   day group – Rosie 0437627756, or evening group – Karen 0406377148

Email via Contact form:


12 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Just wondering what the age range of your group is and if you’re hobby writers or professional writers or both?

    • Hi Caswebb, our age group ranges from mid-twenties to late eighties. The work and exercises we do is relevant to all age groups and writing styles from fiction and poetry to romance, horror, scifi and autobiographies. Some of us are published writers and some are hobby writers. If you are a serious writer wishing to get published we have a critiquing group for both short stories and novels.

  2. Sounds fantastic, I would love to come along and meet everyone. Is the meeting on for wednesday the 19th? And should I bring anything?

    • Yes, we meet next Wednesday at the Dr MacKay centre. You can simply come along and meet us, have coffee, bring your lunch and find out who we are.

      If you are interested in writing something, we normally do up to 1000 words which we take turns at reading and obtaining a short critique if we want it.

      This weeks topics are ‘An Icy Reception’ or ‘The Seventh Daughter’. This fortnight we are working on character development through actions and dialogue. If you are interested also we do Drabbles – a story of exactly 100 words (not 99 nor 101). You take a topic and an emotion. You can choose from ‘The Meaning of Life/furious’ or ‘The Wanderer/dismissive’. You don’t have to do both, some of us like the challenge.

      If you have something of 1000 words off-topic you still get to read it but we normally leave those until last.

      Look forward to meeting you.

      Cat Sheely

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