The Eurobodalla Writers (EWG) are a Branch of the Fellowship of Australian Writers.

Eurobodalla Writers day and night meetings for 2022 – bookings essential, do not attend if unwell. Members and visitors please note that online meetings via Zoom may be substituted, or the venue cancelled at short notice as required, due to Covid-19. Protocols for attendance in person at night or day meetings include: minimum double vaccination (proof required); sign-in, wear mask, hand sanitiser, social distancing, bring your own tea/coffee mug protocols. Members please advise via email if you are not attending a meeting. Attendance via Zoom will be available for most meetings if you are unable to be at the venue.

Night group
meetings are in private venues around the Moruya area on the first Tuesday of every month starting 1st February (6.30-8.30pm) – bookings for all meetings essential. Writing for works towards publication, to develop stories & memoirs, group novella, writing experience. If you’re not writing a story and wish to attend the night group you can choose topics from the day group program or submit your own topic. If you are writing a novel or wish to develop your writing skills and learn how to critique then this group may be the answer.

Day group meetings are on the first Wednesday of every month starting on 2nd February in the Red Door Hall next to Anglican Church Page St Moruya – bookings for all meetings essential. Meetings are from 10.30am to 1.30pm. Members bring their own lunches but coffee, tea and biscuits are provided. Note: email of stories and poems prior as per Committee’s new guidelines (see EWG secretary’s emails for further information).

Members write something for each meeting, email it to members for critique. Either fiction, biography or up to 1000 words, 100-word Drabble, or poetry.  We read our musings to each other and on-the-spot & emailed critique is provided – you can ask for feedback on specific areas of your writing.

Moruya River looking west along River Road towards the mountains of Deua National Park

Visitors are welcome to attend up to two meetings at no charge before joining the Fellowship of Australian Writers – Eurobodalla (EWG) as a member. Writing as a visitor on topic for the Day group is at the discretion of the meeting host. Submitting work to the Night group for critique or critiquing members’ writing is only permitted following membership. EWG membership covers attendance at either or both day and evening groups.

2022 Day group program https://eurobodallawriters.org/2022/01/08/eurofaw-day-group-program-2022

Go to https://eurobodallawriters.org/contact-us/ for further information.

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Wikipedia has a history of the Fellowship of Australian Writers. 

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EuroFAW day group program 2022

Topics for February to December 2022

Write a short story up to 1000 words; poetry; or Drabble which is a story or poem that is exactly 100 words and uses the month’s topic with the supplied emotion.

2 Feb:              After the Storm  or  Write from the POV of planet earth; Drabble – hurt

2 Mar:             If you could turn back time: Choose an earlier version of yourself – any age you like – and write him/her a letter that would have been helpful at the time  or Write a memoir centred on one or more items of clothing;  Drabble – furious

6 April:            Story with a non-linear plot starting with: ‘Nancy looked down at the body and considered what to do with it…’ or The Fireplace; Drabble – boastful

4 May:             A monologue, on any topic or The Newcomer: a dialogue-only story for 2-3 characters (before writing, do a character profile for each character); Drabble – cautious

1 June:            Proposed Excursion to Moruya Historical Museum, then write a story or poem inspired by something in the exhibition; Drabble – enthusiastic

6 July:              A ballad in the style of Banjo Patterson. Topic: ‘Badger’ Lee or The bike is still in its usual space; Drabble – deflated

3 Aug:              Workshop: Describe a person, starting with physical characteristics and mannerisms, then moving on to character, using the topic: Evie was going to miss her flight

7 Sept:             Pick the opening line of any novel and write a story that begins with it but is completely different from the original or A random Act; Drabble – indifferent

5 Oct:              Write a story in which food plays an important part or Stillness; Drabble – agreeable

2 Nov:             Don’t tell the neighbours or At Sea; Drabble – gentle

7 Dec:              Xmas party and lunch: On-the-spot writing to a given topic. Every couple of minutes a random word, provided by a committee member, has to be incorporated in a meaningful way

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