The Eurobodalla Writers (EWG) are a Branch of the Fellowship of Australian Writers.

Meetings at venues for 2021 – bookings essential, do not attend if unwell. (Zoom online meetings when required)

The ‘Writers’ live in the beautiful Eurobodalla Shire of New South Wales and in 2021 have a change of venue. The night group meets on the first Tuesday of every month commencing 2nd Feb 2021. Meetings are from 6.30 to 8.30 pm in Broulee/Moruya. If you are writing a novel or wish to develop your writing skills and learn how to critique then this group may be the answer.

The day group meets on 1st Wednesday of every month commencing 3rd Feb 2021. First meeting is in the Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens, March onwards at the Red Door Page St Moruya. Meetings are from 10.30am to 1.30pm. Members bring their own lunches but coffee, tea and biscuits are provided.

Moruya River looking west along River Road towards the mountains of Deua National Park

Members write something for each meeting, email it to members for critique. Either fiction, biography or up to 1000 words, 100-word Drabble, or poetry.  We read our musings to each other and on-the-spot & emailed critique is provided – you can ask for feedback on specific areas of your writing. For Feb to June program: https://eurobodallawriters.org/2021/01/19/ewg-meetings-2021

Visitors are welcome to attend up to two meetings at no charge before joining the Fellowship of Australian Writers – Eurobodalla (EWG) as a member. Writing as a visitor on topic for the Day group is at the discretion of the meeting host. Submitting work to the Night group for critique or critiquing members’ writing is only permitted following membership. EWG membership covers attendance at either or both day and evening groups.

Updated 2021 Day group program https://eurobodallawriters.org/2021/01/19/ewg-meetings-2021

Go to https://eurobodallawriters.org/contact-us/ for further information.

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Wikipedia has a history of the Fellowship of Australian Writers. 

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EWG Meetings 2021

Eurobodalla Writers Day Group Program 2021 3 February to April

Eurobodalla Writers day and night meetings at venues will recommence in February.

First Night group meeting will be in Broulee on 2nd Feb – bookings for all meetings essential. Writing for works towards publication, to develop stories & memoirs, group novella, writing experience. If you’re not writing a story and wish to attend the night group please choose topics from the day group program or submit your own topic.

First Day group meeting on 3rd Feb will be at Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens, from March onwards at the Red Door next to Anglican Church Page St Moruya – bookings for all meetings essential. Note: email of stories and poems prior as per Committee’s new guidelines (see EWG secretary’s emails for further information).

New enquiries for both groups welcome

Topics for February to June day-time meetings

Topics are open to writer’s interpretation. A Drabble is a complete story in exactly 100 words

03 Feb:                 Position Doubtful OR Late Nights on Air. Drabble:  Laziness (for either topic)

03 Mar:                Traveller’s Tale OR Ruby Drabble: either topic

07 Apr:                 Across the Valley: Write a story or poetry with the eye of a cinematographer (background noise, weather, colour, texture, detail, angle of view, scene opening)                      

A workshop, if meeting in person

05 May:                Free topic, but you MUST:

1. Begin the story at sunrise.

2. You must use the following words somewhere in your story: SIGNATURE, PATIENT and BICYCLE.

3. Your story must include a character who has to make a CHOICE.

Drabble: either topic.

02 June:               Crossroads OR Research a famous person from NSW 1788-1838. Create a fictional side-character and build a story mixing fact and fiction. Drabble: Fear.

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