Our Publications

Eurobodalla Writers self-publish anthologies on a theme.  Stories are provided by the members. Also see Our Members page for members’ publications. More updates shortly


‘Beneath an Ominous Sky’ Eurobodalla Writers night and day groups plus local writers’ anthology of stories from the 2019/2020 Black Summer bushfires on the NSW South Coast, to order print book https://eurobodallawriters.org/contact-us e-book coming soon.

Secret Society of Words (SSOW aka EWG night group) Eurobodalla Writers’ night group: The Seven Little Goatlings, 2015; Alien Zoo, 2016; Murder on the First, 2017; Viv’s Last Hoorah, 2019

Gillian Macnamara, Stafford Ray, Rosie Toth, Dianne Wiggins (Eds); Flights Of Fancy’ Eurobodalla Writers, 2015

Barlow, Margaret (Ed); ‘Where Pelicans Fly‘, Eurbodalla Writers, 2011

Trotter, Hillary (Ed); ‘Days of Innocents’, Eurobodalla Writer, 2009 (sold out)

Hayes, Mavis (Ed); ‘Kids Gran Thology’, Eurobodalla Writers, 2002 (sold out)

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