Our Publications

Eurobodalla Writers self-publish anthologies on a theme.  Stories are provided by the members. Also see Our Members page for members’ publications. More updates shortly


Secret Society of Words (SSOW) Eurobodalla Writers’ night group:

The Seven Little Goatlings, 2015; Alien Zoo, 2016; Murder on the First, 2017; Viv’s Last Hoorah, 2019

Gillian Macnamara, Stafford Ray, Rosie Toth, Dianne Wiggins (Eds); Flights Of Fancy’ Eurobodalla Writers, 2015

Barlow, Margaret (Ed); ‘Where Pelicans Fly‘, Eurbodalla Writers, 2011

Trotter, Hillary (Ed); ‘Days of Innocents’, Eurobodalla Writer, 2009 (sold out)

Hayes, Mavis (Ed); ‘Kids Gran Thology’, Eurobodalla Writers, 2002 (sold out)

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