Writing Resources

Below are resources that can be used to inform you on the latest tends and information for your writing.

Fortnightly writing topics for EW meetings – click this EUROFAW PROGRAM 2017

Other writing groups:

People who have informative blogs and provide workshops:

Physical Writing Resources

  • Dictionary for Writers
  • Thesaurus
  • Various Poetry publications
  • ‘Unlock the Writer Within’ – FAW, NSW Inc., ed. Colleen Parker

Open Colleges Writing Courses
Providing specialised writing, editing and media-related training to aspiring authors, editors and journalists for more than a quarter of a century, the Australian College of Journalism can deliver the expert tuition required to polish your skills and acquire the commercial savvy you need to succeed. Most of Open Colleges Writing courses are 18 months in duration.

Robert Stephenson, who is an accomplished author, editor. literary agent and publisher, with over 100 published short stories, four books and one novel is one of the trainers and assessors of Open Colleges.

Click Link above for more information.


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