Our Members

The Eurobodalla Writers have a membership of about 30 people and can welcome many more.

Published works by members include:

Margaret Barlow    – Editor – “Where Pelicans Fly” (Eurobodalla FAW production)

– “Flights of Fancy” (Eurobodalla FAW production) via CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Louise Falcioni       – 3 short stories in “Where Pelicans Fly”,
– “Theo”, Short stories for young readers, self-published, 2012.
– Publicity for EW in the FAW Writers Voice

Yvonne Holt            – “Dream of Oz,” “Ready Let’s Go,”

Cat Sheely             – Publications (click here to view Cat’s website and details).

– Write-a-book-in-a -day – “Cover Story.”

Tony Maynard and Mike Robinson

– “Absorbing Yarns”

Maxine McIlvenie – with Peg Vickers, “Take the Time: Sangropers Snippets”,
(Self-Published, 2013)

Robin McPherson  -“Rantin, Rovin’ Robin”, “My Loose and Floaty Bits”, (Narooma Press)

                                 –“Toucan, One Can’t”, “A Spanner for All Nuts”, (Ginninderra Press)

Taylor Morgan        – “Fifteen Shards of Broken Glass” (Self-Published)

Suzanne Newnham – “Ethics of a Psychic Reading” (Balboa Press) see Publications (to view Suzanne’s website and full list)

Stafford Ray            – “Cull” (JoJo Publishing);

– “Australian Gulag: A Love Story” (Woodslane Pty Ltd)

Cas Webb               – “Adorable Alice” (New Frontier Publishing)

Secret Society of Words (aka EWG night group) also as publisher 2019

– “Seven Little Goatlings” (Smashwords)

– “Alien Zoo” (Smashwords)

– “Murder on the First” (Smashwords)

– “Viv’s Last Hoorah” (Smashwords)

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