Our Members

The Eurobodalla Writers have a membership of about 30 people and can welcome many more.

Published works by members include:

Margaret Barlow  Editor – “Where Pelicans Fly”; “Flights of Fancy” (Eurobodalla FAW production)

Louise Falcioni  3 short stories in “Where Pelicans Fly”; “Theo”, Short stories for young readers, self-published, 2012. Publicity for Eurobodalla Writers in the FAW Writers Voice; co-author in Secret Society of Words four novella (see below)*

Yvonne Holt  “Dream of Oz,” “Ready Let’s Go,”

Cat Sheely             – Publications (click here to view Cat’s website and details).

Suzanne Newnham “Ethics of a Psychic Reading” Publications (to view Suzanne’s website and full list)

Stafford Ray  “Cull” (JoJo Publishing); “Australian Gulag: A Love Story” (Woodslane Pty Ltd)

Sharon Halliday – “Messages from the Heart: 39 Answers to Your Life Questions”; Contributor: “365 Moments of Grace”; “Viv’s Last Hoorah”; Articles: “Life in Lockdown”; “From the Fire Front: The sky was a hellish red.”; “After Las Vegas: Shire author reflects”; “Trailblazers pave the way for women”; “Take a stand for victims”; “If the shoes don’t fit, flaunt them for a good cause”. for info on Sharon’s activities: www.sharonhalliday.com

Secret Society of Words (aka EWG night group) also publisher 2019 “Seven Little Goatlings”; “Alien Zoo”; “Murder on the First”;  “Viv’s Last Hoorah” available Smashwords



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